Our mission

Worship | Grow | Serve | Go!

We GROW in Christ
We get to SERVE the church and our community
We GO to all the world 

Our Vision

We want to see people transformed by the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


We are a church who is committed to the Word of God. The Bible is more than a book we read. The Bible is the living, breathing, and active Word of God. The Bible frames our worldview, directs our beliefs, and instructs our behaviors. We believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures. 
We are a church transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Our identity is firmly placed in Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. As transformed people, we each have a unique part to play in the Body of Christ. Transformed people are intentionally growing in Christ.  
We are a church who is unapologetically ignited with the power of the Holy Spirit. A church where people live a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and Spirit-empowered life. A church who is led, filled, and empowered by the Holy Spirit in every decision, service, choice, action, and behavior. 
We are a church who is so passionate about reaching the lost that we give up our own comforts, we bet the farm to win the lost, and we deal with the messiness of sinners with the grace and love of Jesus. We want to be a church that is intentionally reaching, building, equipping, and sending people to live a life of mission and purpose that sets the tone of culture instead of reflecting the noise of culture. We want to be the stop gap for spiritual needs in our community and region. As the church we put the gospel in action going outside the walls of the building to infuse our community with hope and healing that only Jesus can bring. We will do what it takes, when it takes it to build the Kingdom of God. We take the great commission seriously. We will have the mindset of Jesus. We will lay ourselves down to see the broken come back to life.
We are a church who is devoted to prayer. We believe prayer changes everything. We want to be a church that is driven by prayer. Prayer establishes God’s kingdom, ushers in God’s presence, and tunes our ears to God’s voice. With so much noise in the world we want to be a church driven by prayer. 
We are a church where people are growing with each other in such a way that bridges are built between people groups and the world takes notice of the change in our community. A church that is committed to unity above all. A church who fights for relationships at all costs. We are quick to forgive, quick to listen, and quick to lead with empathy. We are a church family; celebrating each other’s successes and testimonies and bearing each other’s burdens and hardships. We are intentionally involved in each other’s life. 
We are a church who serves wholeheartedly. We don’t come with an “I have to” mindset but show up with an “I get to” heart. We will set the tone for serving in our church and community. Like Jesus we lay down our lives, interests, and preferences to serve Jesus and others. 
We are a church that lives under the blessing of God. A church where generosity is in our DNA. A church that sends people into the mission field locally and globally to see the world won for Jesus.