Strengthen Day 20 - Friday, March 18, 2022

Mar 18, 2022
Let us not neglect meeting together. Hebrews 10:25

Have you ever taken steps of faith and later realized how instrumental they would become to your growth and understanding of Christ? As a new believer, I “had a crazy idea” to organize a couple of friends and gather weekly for prayer. What unfolded turned out to be an extraordinary partnership with the Lord, in the humble home of a friend, Jackie. It became very much like a greenhouse, a spiritual greenhouse. 

For over 10 years, we met weekly at Jackie’s “greenhouse,” and were committed to praying for our families. We rarely missed praying because it became so vital to us and our families. We would meet early, pray over the phone, or change the date if necessary, and we saw so many things from the Lord:
*Fines paid and charges dropped
*The power of praise and dancing unto the Lord that broke chains
*Groceries bought
*Finances provided and restored
*Sobriety chosen
*Health restored on multiple occasions for multiple people (cardiomyopathy healed!)
*Relationships and family restored
*Receiving the gift of prayer languages and speaking in tongues
*The overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit as He descended to partner with us as we prayed according to His leading
*Joy, peace, and laughter
*An awareness of partnering with the Divine and co-laboring with Him
*Difficult people loved despite of right/wrong behaviors
*Problems solved
*Broken hearts mended
*Meals shared
*Caring, compassion, true friendship 
*Trusting in the Lord

I learned in the spiritual greenhouse to discern the Lord’s voice and to pray more effectively and also how to love difficult people. I learned the subtle presence of the Holy Spirit as He entered the room. I learned to ask the Lord for guidance about family issues. I learned to speak scripture over my family. It didn’t hurt that Jackie knew Jesus and shared His kindness and love freely. She humbly shared her life disappointments and had a unique way to encourage others. I often heard her say “I love you as much as God loves you” or “I see the good in him/her.”  She made many meals for sick friends and her extra bedroom was often filled by someone in need. Jackie is now in heaven, but I am forever changed by her spiritual greenhouse.  Truly, love does not fail!

Who can I meet with to start praying weekly? How can I pray more effectively for my family, church, and community?